Le Marche, Mountains, lakes and seaside.


A villa at Stella di Monsampolo in the Val Tronto
Le Marche

The Villa Rooms & Garden Bed & Breakfast Self Catering

The Rooms and Gardens

The park and a large part of the villa are at the disposal of guests for their comfort and relaxation. Beautifully cared for lawns and the shade of ancient pine trees. Inside, oak beams, timbered ceilings and terra-cotta floor tiles. Beautiful furniture and surroundings of a bygone age, typically Italian but comparable with Victorian upper class.

You will admire the beautiful vaulted brick ceilings of the restaurant, once the wine cellars, pantries and olive oil stores of the old villa. Evening meals are served only with prior booking. The kitchen is strictly 'home cooking', typical Marche cuisine and using only local produce.

Price 25 euros per person (excluding wine).

Please Note: The restaurant is closed from 1st. December until the 26th December and from 7th January until 28th February.

Villa Priori in Le Marche. The garden.Villa in Le Marche. The Copper Room.Villa dei Priori. The Red Room.

Breakfast Room with Terrace.The Terrace Room.The restaurant.

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