With the Montefalcone project, the city of Montefalcone Terme will become one of the largest tourism destinations in Italy. The project has an area of 170 hectares and it will be divided into three zones: the forest zone, the thermal zone and the commercial zone.

Montefalcone is an Italian town founded in 1928 by aristocratic families. It is located in the Province of Foggia, in southern Italy.

The Montefalcone Terme spa is located just next to Monte Falcone lake. The spa offers relaxation holidays for people who need healing for stress or obesity related problems.

Founded in 1786, Montefalcone is a medieval town located in Molise, Italy. It is located on the slopes of Mt. Sabino and it was founded by the Benedictine monks of Montecassino.

The town has a population of just over 3,000 people and it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes with lush vegetation, olive groves and vineyards. The town was very wealthy during the 19th century due to its marble quarries (which are now abandoned) and because it had an important role as a centre for farmers’ markets for Campania region.

Today, Montefalcone is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

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