What to Expect When You Visit Montefalcone

Montefalcone is a commune in southern Italy, which thrives on agriculture, livestock and craftsmanship.

In Montefalcone the forest is mainly composed of firs and beech trees. The mountains are made of limestone and granite, which are quarried for building materials. The municipality also has a small number of vineyards where vines are grown to produce wine.

Montefalcone’s old town is constructed within a pentagonal shape, following the style of a medieval castle. The town hall is built in an imposing Baroque style.

The parish church of Montefalcone was erected in 1470 on the site of an 8th-century Byzantine chapel dedicated to Saint Materiana from Reggio Calabria.

Montefalcone is an interesting mixture of tradition and innovation.

The town of Montefalcone is home to the oldest functioning railway station in Italy, which was inaugurated in 1887.

Montefalcone is also home to the most famous international school in the country, the International School Monterchi. Every year, about 350 students from 33 different countries study there, taking advantage of its bilingual curriculum and its quality international education programs.

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